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Diane M. Renna is a Reiki Master Teacher, child advocate, life coach, and author of
"Meghan's World: The Story of One Girl's Triumph over Sensory Processing Disorder"
and "In the Light of God's Love: A journey to acceptance, self-discovery, spiritual truths
and healing

Diane is also a certified Yogakids Foundations© Teacher, the creator of the Creative
Expressions Kid's Club & Parent Learning Program
©, the Creative Kid's Yoga Club, and
the Sensational Social Skills Playgroup.
 She gently guides parents in helping their
children to function to their best by supporting and empowering them with the vast
knowledge she has accumulated over 15 years in helping her own children overcome life
challenges. She often works with other companies/agencies to promote the importance
of early intervention and advocacy for children with SPD and Autism Spectrum
Disorders. She is an Officer with the SHEEE Foundation, a national non-profit 501 (c) 3,
whose mission is to offer opportunities for education, enlightenment, and
empowerment of those who seek to be in service to and in harmony with the greater
good. Diane also creates self-empowering workshops for teens and adults.

Inspired by her family's triumphant journey over Sensory Processing Disorder, Diane
had a vision to create sensory-enriched programs that help children and families
suffering with sensory processing disorders and related issues. She understands the
family stress and high demands that it takes to raise a child faced with special needs.
So through her faith and compassion, Indigo Impressions LLC was birthed. She wants
parents and teachers to understand what these children go through on a daily basis
and she wants to give them hope, knowledge, and the tools to succeed in their daily life.
She wants to share what worked for her family. She believes strongly in the quote by
Mahatma Gandhi, " You must be the change you want to see in this world."

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Indigo Impressions LLC
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MEGHAN'S WORLD is a true
social story that Diane wrote
about her daughter. The book
is inspirational, validates
children's feelings & gives
important information on how
Meghan lost diagnosis of her
SPD. Available on Kindle or
printed version via Amazon or
Meghan's World Website.
Mission Statement:
We are dedicated to working with other agencies and
groups to create and coordinate programs and
workshops that incorporate traditional and
alternative therapies/services that educate,
enlighten, and inspire all individuals. We feel it is
important to keep a balanced and harmonious
relationship with nature and in the community, as
well as, achieving a healthy mind, body, and spirit
connection within oneself.
guides you to finding the keys
that will unlock your inner
wisdom. You will be inspired to
grow spiritually by learning how
your life’s circumstances reveal
your life’s purpose. While
reading and exploring the tools
suggested in this book and via
the guided meditations, positive
affirmations, visualizations, and
journaling tips provided at its
FREE on line environment, You
will begin to fulfill a life of self-
love, gratitude, serenity, and
understanding. It’s time to
awaken your inner-self to
experience…The Power of
YOU. When you connect with
the loving presence that you
hold within your heart, you
connect with the abundant
energy of the divine—
illuminating the road map to
your life’s purpose.

To purchase printed or Kindle
version via Amazon.com click
Advocating & raising awareness of SPD at SENSORY SHOWTIME * October 2009
Signing books at Surfer's Healing in Montauk, NY
September 2011
*Tori @ Surfer's Healing
The first Sensory-Enriched Playgroup & Parent Learning Program©
in Diane's backyard August 2010
Diane & Brenda Lee from

"Personal development through the way
of the horse."

Diane volunteers with CTREE, the
Center for Therapeutic Horseback
Riding on the East End

"It is amazing to watch how the children
interact and connect with the horses in
addition to the therapeutic benefits." DR
Around the Beach with Lisa Fox
Interview, Westhampton Beach
March 23, 2012 * starts @ 38:37
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Creative Kid's & Yoga Clubs©
at Indigo Impressions LLC
Storefront Location in Center Moriches
(closing 10/1/13). We want to remember this
space of warmth & healing & fun times had.
The Writer's Dream with Linda Frank
Interview May 22, 2012 LGTV East Hampton
One Day
Retreat at
Gurney's Inn &
Earth Day  2012